Cloud Telephony Management System

Easy Installation

Easily installed and configurable to work on multiple platforms enabling faster customer service.

Automatic Call Recordings

Record calls automatically and use for assessment and training of agents.

Optimize operational cost

Reduce cost on attempted deliveries by verifying whether a customer has legitimately placed an order or not

Resolve customer issues faster

Loop in domain experts in an ongoing call or connect with agents from other departments instantly with zero waiting time for customers.

Connect seamlessly

Hassle-free communication between both parties using numbers that are valid temporarily.

Optimize costs

Bridge calls between agent(s) and customer(s) in optimized and secure way without having agents to incur personal call costs.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Reduce attempts to have call back from customers thus improving customer satisfaction.

Faster Reach

Bridge calls between agents and potential customers quickly.

Reduce Cancellations

Identify fake orders before shipping from your warehouse and reduce number of cancellations.

Seamless customer experience

Create a glitch free customer expereience by sending them timely / stagewise updates to track the status off their orders.

Secure sensitive information

Flexibility to reduce the number of people on call for sharing critical information, thus enabling high end confidentiality to sensitive information..

Improve lead conversions

Convert prospective leads to clients by closing discussions swiftly by including the decision makers in one single call.

Simple and Flexible

Create customized call flow with assistance of multiple widgets using a simple to use graphical user interface.

Keep in Touch

Interested customers can be contacted back, increasing your customer base.

Enquiry Form

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