Manpower Outsourcing Services

For Easy Source, Manpower Outsourcing is beyond paying Salaries timely or making clients compliant. We believe in exceeding client expectations, not meeting them ! We have a human interface and support you 24X7, 7 days a week. From, Day One, you are assigned a SPOC and not a ticket number !

We are a one stop solution, if you are looking for

  • A professional company to manage administrative, statutory, HR-related needs of your outsourced employees
  • Ways to reduce the administrative costs related to managing your outsourced employees
  • An outsourcing partner which is digitally enabled with the latest automation technology and mobile technology to support volumes of outsourced employees including leaves, attendance, location tracking and much more…
  • An outsourcing partner which has 15 + years of experience with a team size of 100+ specialists across multiple domains and spread across 200 + locations with a client list exceeding 500+ clients in India


Flexible tailor-made Manpower solutions including new hiring campaigns and scalability of existing manpower as per client requirements for quick, time-bound ramp-ups

Performance-based, operational expertise for managing all employee life cycle processes ensuring compliance visibility to the last mile


  • State-of-the-art web-based Analytics dashboard including automatic dashboards that provide line-of-sight visibility on several critical and operational parameters of business
  • Web-based Payroll expertise rolling out automated payroll systems with zero errors and ensuring transparency in pay structure and pay-out
  • Mobile APP –“EZY” for attendance, outdoor duty, leave requests, managing miss punch, etc.


  • Dedicated Teams and Account managers with published Escalation matrices to ensure a seamless transition and dedicated customer support
  • Advantage of being manpower ready with functional tools and infrastructure and having the ability to deploy assets like laptops, technology platforms, safety equipment, etc.


  • Induction of employees is handled professionally with various training programs in consultation with the client is undertaken as per the job requirements
  • Team of Subject Matter Experts for knowledge sharing, Advisories and consultation and implementation of best practices


  • Advantage of tailor-made commercials for specific services used, Value added services and operational efficiency ensures a competitive pricing